Booty (BEU-TEE)

(Originally posted June 21st, 2013)
It’s been four days since my last manicure and my shellacked (?) nails are already chipping. Four. Days. Shellac is supposed to stay on your nails for two to three weeks, according to all the magazines I’ve read and the lady at the place. Now I know you just can’t trust everything you read in a beauty magazine. What I do know is that you can usually always count on what others are doing around you. I can’t even tell you how many hair/makeup/nail/health/clothes ideas I’ve copied from friends and, you know, Pinterest.
People always ask me about my skin. It used to really creep me out, like Silence of the Lambs style, “Your skin is so creamy and smooth. How do you do that?”. I would cringe and not answer, hoping they wouldn’t follow me out to my car later and skin me. But once the question started becoming a little less creepy, I started taking into consideration my “beauty” routine. I hadn’t realized I had one until I watched this episode of Mad Men where they talk about that and, yeah do you guys watch Mad Men?… Anyway, I do have a routine. And it’s strange to me that so many young women out there really don’t care to care for their skin. I love my skin. I was so blessed to have received my mother’s side of the family’s skin. But don’t get me wrong, it still takes work.
To any males reading this, just stop. I’ll talk about the Heat and the Spurs later (totally knew the Heat would take it all) or the Stanley Cup but just don’t read right now. To my dad, I did go crabbing and I’ll write a post about that later, but I didn’t get anything and didn’t even get to drink a beer.
So, here are my little tricks to keeping up with your skin:
1. Wash your face. Duh. 
Your face takes on so much during one day. Imagine your face being a towel. All day long it wipes up whatever you stuck your hands in, the outside elements, whatever you laid your head down on (no one wants to know), your face takes everything, well, to the face.
2. Exfoliate. Your skin is not really your skin, it’s more like a facade of the skin that should be your skin, so you need to exfoliate to let that skin show. Right? Okay, listen, everytime you walk outside without sunscreen on you’re damaging your skin. The outside layer, and layers underneath, are being baked and crisped by the sun which leads to your face looking like it’s peeling and ew, no one wants to see that. Now, I can’t really say much because I never wear sunscreen and always opt for oil and right, I’m fully aware that when I get older I’m going to look like the Crypt Keeper, but all of that aside I’m really going to encourage everyone to wear sunscreen. That’s really more coming from my mom, so you can thank her instead of me. In the winter, exfoliating is important because the air is so dry and therefore so is your skin, so in order for your skin to kind of rejuvenate itself you need to give it some help and get that old layer off (as Cosmo would say, “Lol that layer is SO last season!). I only exfoliate about once a month during the winter. It irritates my skin to do it often and also I’m too lazy. But in the summer, exfoliating is where it’s at. You go out in the sun, you’re burnt, you come inside and your skin looks like mine at my senior prom when patches of my skin were peeling before the dancefloor’s eyes. You need to heal yourself and save yourself from it peeling any further and exfoliate. This allows the old skin to be gone and your new skin to be fresh and clean and you won’t look like a snake shedding its skin. You can go buy yourself an exfoliant at any store, but I prefer to make my own. I use sugar, olive oil and either cinnamon or lemon. It works really nicely, smells good, and the cinnamon leaves a nice tint. Also it’s super cheap and ready for you whenever, which is always good. Now, listen, I’ve become a serious beach layer this summer. My skin is probably as damaged as it can get, but I exfoliate even when I’m at the beach. Ha ha, funny, right, but multi tasking is great and so is sand. When I’m hanging out in my beach chair I literally rub sand on my legs and arms and when I look like I just crawled out of the ocean, I go for a swim and rub off the grody skin and sand and oil and, voila, I walk out of that ocean a new woman. Alright, sorry, you get what I’m saying, right?
3. MOISTURIZE. Whenever someone asks why my skin is so smooth and how I got it to be that way, I just look at them and think, “What? Lotion?”. It’s not a medevial medicinal tactic, it’s called mositurizing the layers of your skin. To keep your skin looking great and not all dry and dusty, it’s not botox that’s going to help you. It’s not whatever Cosmo said was the “it” product for the summer. It’s moisturizing and if you want nice skin then this should be implemented into your routine. If you have sensitive skin, ultra dry skin, or anything like that, then you should be looking for a lotion that’s suited to you. Using whatever your mom picked up at Costco will NOT work for your face and let me tell you what, you’ll learn that sooner if you have any type of skin that I’m talking about. I really like to use Clinique’s oil free lotion for sensitive skin. It’s yellow and smells pretty weird, but I can put a dime sized bit on my face at 8 am and it still feels nice when I wash my face to go to bed. When I can’t afford to buy something from Macy’s, I’ve used Aveeno daily moisturizer. It works well, but I don’t slather it on my face because it’s a little heavy. If you can find a good moisturizer, your days of facial worries will be in the past. That much I can tell you. Now when it comes to moisturizing the rest of your body, I’d go with cocoa butter. I seriously love cocoa butter too much and will find excuses all throughout the day to use it. I’ll get home from work and be like “I just need some cocoa butter”, or I’ll be watching a movie, “This would go great with cocoa butter”. I don’t know why, but something about that lotion being able to moisturize multiple layers of my skin just really warms and moisturizes my heart. Anyway, it’s great and if you’re looking for a new body lotion I’d go with that over the $10 bottle of Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea. And honestly, can people not use that scent anymore or any of that because it kills me and my sinuses.
Now, makeup. This is a really long piece and probably half of you have stopped reading because a) you already know to do the three things I mentioned or b) you don’t want to read. I understand. I do.
But anyway, makeup is tricky. I know nothing about makeup, I don’t really care about makeup. But what I do care about and will avoid at all costs is looking like I wear makeup. Now, in the winter, I’m sure that I am guilty of overdoing the bronzer. But living your life with translucent skin is pretty rough and you know what, I’m not going to apologize.
I use:
– Moisturizer. Obviously.
– Tinted Moistuizer. I really love to have smooth and healthy skin, so I use Aveda tinted moisturizer after my inital lotion. It’s natural looking, adds some color and has SPF. While I know a lot of girls like to use concealer, it’s too heavy for my skin and I can’t put it on without feeling like one smile will make it crack. This particular moisturizer is a little pricy, but since you don’t have to use a lot it’s worth it.
– Bronzer. Okay, I don’t really know if it’s called bronzer, but it looks like it and makes my skin look great so whatever I’m just going with that. I use True Match powder from L’Oreal. I put it under my cheek bones and then on my forehead and all of that, which is cool because those areas won’t really tan when I’m wearing sunglasses (I have to because I’m blinded in the sun). I feel like a tool for explaining this, but that’s how I wear bronzer. Next question.
– Blush. I love blush. Pick a subtle color, and you’ll look like fantastic. Please just use it lightly and don’t put it all over your face because that’s weird. I like Clinique blush but I’ll use Cover Girl in a pinch.
– Mascara. One of those things I think a woman should never leave the house without wearing unless you’re going fishing, running, to the hospital, or if you’re trying to read or watch a Nicholas Sparks movie while, you know, you’re emotional. I use Clinique (I really like Clinique) because I have really sensitive eyes. I’ll also use L’Oreal Volumnious lashes because it makes my eyelashes look seriously great and I’ll deal with my eye problems later. No, actually the formula they use doesn’t irritate which is nice.
Alright, so there are my little tips. I think we get so wrapped up in the new phases of skin care and makeup that we forget the little basics. I know that after talking with girls my own age and women older than myself that moisturizing has never been a huge thing for them when it definitely should, and using harsh products to wash your skin, like generic bar soap or even some of those pricy acne cleansers, can actually make you break out more and make your skin look rougher than you would think.
I’m not a dermotologist and I have no idea, but there you go and now I’m going to get ready for the day,