Turning Points

Although a lot has been accomplished during my internship with NPK,  I’m very excited to announce that the big project that I’ve been working towards is finally ready to be seen by the public!

Meet our NPK team here: meet the team blog


After gathering all 14 interviews, writing their biographies, taking their picture and trying to figure out WordPress web design, they are finally done! I’m most excited about this project because not only are we now implementing it into other future projects but that I was able to really take the time to learn about this business and those that work here. It’s nice to take my journalism background and be able to apply it within this internship.

Next, like I mentioned last week, comes the editing of the blog video on pruning and pinching. I’ve done lots of video edits over the years but I am definitely learning that trying to create a video that successfully exhibits a “how to” is a lot more difficult than I had originally thought! Every frame should exhibit a step in the process and, seeing as how we were in the middle of Chicago filming, it can be difficult to be sure you have each step down.

But – not to worry, because trial and error will end up making this video the tool that it should be! The content for the video is written and ready to roll out when the edits are finally completed and that will be very exciting.

I also learned how to create a successful job flyer this past week. We are hiring for two different positions here at NPK – one in sales and one as a service supervisor. I wanted to create two flyers that could be sent to various schools that were easy enough to read but could also capture students’ attention. Using InDesign, I created two flyers that exhibited pictures of NPK designs and gave a brief rundown of what the positions entailed.



Only a few more weeks left to go and we still have more projects to accomplish! But as excited as I am for those, I’m very happy with what has been achieved so far.


Your Thoughts?

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