Almost Ready

A summer in Chicago for an internship doing what I love.

How much better does it get than that?

Although I won’t be in Chicago until the end of the week, I’ve been creating content for this summer remotely in order to be ready to go right when I get settled into the city. The preparation is the biggest part, because without these to do lists and guidelines it’s easy to become overwhelmed with all of the other ideas of what could be done.

We’re focusing right now on creating a platform for all social media, website redesign and a biographies on each staff member for clients to connect names and faces. I’m so excited about all of the ideas that we have and to be able to start seeing them come to life.

This will be my first internship since I’ve been in college in the journalism field. I think that bringing what I’ve learned at Michigan State University to the small company of NPK will be incredible. It’s amazing how the littlest tweaks can make the biggest improvements – being represented on social media and having a website that can connect to your potential clients are both substantial changes.

The work being done this week will make even the next three months easier. Having a plan in place and knowing which tools to use to accomplish them will make all the difference.

Check in with me to see the adventure of life in Chicago as an intern!


– about me –


Aspiring journalist yet stuck in love on the idea of design, I am entering my senior year at Michigan State University. Born in the south and raised in the north, I live on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line, traveling between East Lansing and the coast of Mississippi. This summer, I will be interning in Chicago and telling all about it through my blog. As a Public Relations intern I strive to be sure that I am bringing all I can to my company – and I am excited to see what the progress will result in.

Live music is something I can’t get enough of, road trips are a bizarre desire of mine, and I’m enjoying the feeling that new opportunities are around every corner.