The time has come…



I’ve decided to trade one blog platform for another after some considerable thought. Blogging started to me as a fleeting idea sparked by a potential employer to create myself as an individual and has since turned into an exciting prospect. I enjoy each blog I am able to write and publish for all those who are devoted readers, and to those who just happen upon The Observer. As I enter my final summer of college, and then enter my senior year at Michigan State, I hope to provide a journey that my readers can follow along with. Blogging, as I have found since starting in 2012, is more than diary entries – being able to connect with current events and write my piece (or even peace) on them is exhilarating. I enjoy being able to have the opportunity to write so freely about everything and especially, to my readers that are on this ride of college with me, to record what is important and memorable about these past three years. Writing and hearing that a reader connects with a post or wants to know more about a current event is what every journalist wants to hear, not that we have huge egos (maybe), but we want to know you’re enjoying whatever it is that you see from us.


So, to those readers I hear from consistently, thank you for your words of wisdom and your support. And to those who check in now and then, thank you, too. How would a writer ever progress without those to challenge them?


I’ll be re-posting old posts, but come back to see, read, listen to something new as I am ready to take this blog, and this platform, to the next level.


Thank you again.





Your Thoughts?

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