The Aftermath: Part II

(Originally posted June 11th, 2013)
Uggggghhhhhhhhh, getting your nails done is GRODY. I honestly try so hard to be girly and get into those things, but I think I could go another seven years without sinking my feet into that alien blue water. I kind of lost it a little with the dude, which is embarrassing enough that I argued with a nail technician, but the fact that I was so angry that I almost demanded a refund was pretty ugly. I’m going to blame it on my lack of sleep and the fact that I watched 4 hours worth of Gossip Girl to pass the time. The nails really don’t look as good as they should, and I know many of my friends will read this and think “That’s Cait, if it doesn’t look exactly like she wants it she won’t be happy” while rolling their eyes, but you know what, I’m going to post them a picture and they’ll see.

Anyway, forget the nail salon. I’m missing the city life a little these days and to go get my nails done felt like I’d be reconnected in a way. Wasn’t like that at all, but you try to do what you can with what you have.

Living in a small, beachside town is cool. It’s not AWESOME! But it’s cool. I can go to the beach whenever, I can kayak, I can ride a bike. I lost my cat the other day though and intuition tells me that the alligators around the waterways behind our neighborhood might have, uh, yeah. So there’s the good and then the alligators, but I guess you’ll have that anywhere.

I’m definitely not accustomed to this lifestyle. Everyone here knows everyone, and they know how you’re connected to everyone, and then everyone will know that everyone knows you and how you’re connected and your connections dwindle with how many people know your connections but they don’t really know you. If that made any sense? I guess I’m used to knowing SO many people and not really caring too much about who they know or the past twenty years of their life, but it’s a new experience to and interesting. I’ve never been asked who my parents are so many times in my life. Where I come from, that’s a bad thing. You know, get busted at a party, “WHO ARE YOUR PARENTS?!?!??” Here, it’s just casual when you’re at a restaurant and someone’s curious about your background, like, “Oh, who are your parents? Like the Hattiesburg McKeon’s? Lydia, weren’t they friends of your cousins?”.
It’s such a different way than I’m used to. I’ve never been somewhere where you could say one insignificant comment and two weeks later someone you barely know repeats it back to you, “Oh yeah, Dave told me you said that!”.
I like it, the familiarity. It’s taking some getting used to, but I like it.
I miss everyone, that I can say. I’m always thinking about how awesome it would be to live here but to have everyone here, too. I think when I was moving, my mind was so set on the LEAVING, that I forgot who I would be missing. So there, everyone, as sappy as this is I do miss it. I miss knowing I could do anything at my point in time and have fun. I miss the laid back nights and the conversations, I miss the spontaneous trips and the music. Hell, I even miss some of the bars at MSU. Okay, no, I’m not at that point yet.

I don’t have too much to say right now. I have some cool articles that I’ve read and I want to talk about those. I’ve made some cool food that made me consider food blogging (I’m bored). I’ve made money and haven’t bought myself a Michael Kors watch yet (my biggest desire). But I’m sure I’ll have more to say as the summer goes on.

For now, I’m going to go grill myself some eggplant and mushrooms. Don’t be fooled, we’re also having fried chicken and okra. Duh.

Until next time, which I hope is sooner,



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