Lollapalooza ’12


(Originally posted August 8th, 2012)

Okay. So. Here we are! I couldn’t have asked for a better four days of my whole life. I mean, okay, like there are obviously things that might beat it, but in my short 18 years (ALMOST NINETEEN), this beat everything.
If I haven’t talked about it enough, to refresh your minds I just got done with a weekend full of jamming at the best music festival this side of the Mississippi: LOLLAPALOOZA. I’ve been dying to go to Lolla since my freshman year of high school. SO, to finally be able to attend this year was huge, absolutely huge, especially since I was able to go with one of my closest friends, Quinn.
We bought the tickets like 200 something days ago, which I should know exactly since I kept an extremely irritating countdown going on my Twitter account. But anyway, we didn’t know which bands were going to be there when we bought the tickets, so when the line up came out and I saw that THE BLACK KEYS were going to be headlining, I freaked. Seeing them on Friday was the second time I’ve seen them in the past six months, if that tells you at all how much I like them. They were amazing, absolutely perfect. It was really rad that when we were seeing them the Cubs game was shooting off fireworks, awesome sight.
Also on the lineup we had Florence + The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack White, Franz Ferdinand, The Shins, Sigur Ros, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean…. need I go on? I knew we were going to have an awesome time.
Anyway, Quinn and I took the train into Chicago and stayed at her aunt’s loft in Wrigleyville, which in itself was so cool. I’ve always, always loved Chicago. I don’t know what it is about the city, but something in it is everything I want when I graduate from State. Being able to get up in the morning and just walk to the nearest coffee shop is perfect, especially because it’s so nice to just enjoy that short walk to wake yourself up and get your blood pumping for the rest of the day.
So we got there on Thursday and OF COURSE went shopping right when we jumped off the train. Then we grabbed dinner with my uncles who, surprisingly, live just a block from where we were staying. It was really awesome being welcomed into the city and made for a great start to the weekend.
FRIDAY – Our first day at Lollapalooza. I thought I’d do a “Hey This Is What I Wore” sorta thing but, honestly, I was boring. The first day I paired a pair of black shorts with a black and white striped tank that I tied up, then threw a light denim button up over it. I had my hair its usual crazy self, but the second we stepped into the park I had the button up off and my hair tied up in a knot. IT WAS SO HOT. So, that’s why I’m going to say this right now: Lollapalooza is for throughly enjoying the music and throwing together something cute, sure, but something that is DEFINITELY not going to smother you. I saw girls in leather shorts and jeans and I just felt for them because, as a girl who obsesses over whether or not I should wear layers since I’m always cold, I was dying. Coachella is when you artfully put together outfits and socialize at the concert, but Lolla is when you die and die for the joy of music. Dramatic, but there you go.
Okay, so, Friday held some definite new bands, and oldies that I love. Animal Kingdom, The War on Drugs, Dr. Dog, Afghan Whigs, The Head and Heart, The Shins, and The Black Keys.
SO GOOD. Everyone. So good.
SATURDAY – So, since Friday seriously kicked our butts, we decided to go to Lolla a little later in the day since, unfortunately, there were absolutely no performers we wanted to check out until like, 3. So, when we finally did get into the city, we were met by a mob of people telling us that Lolla had been closed down. So, of course, I’m freaking out like how can they just CLOSE Lolla?! Since my service was impeccable in Chicago and my internet just perfect, I didn’t get the notification that a giant storm was about to hit Chicago until we found ourselves getting run over by the 100 thousand evacuees. Soooo we waited out the storm in the absolute BEST place in Chicago!.. An alley. Actually, it was really cool to sit there and watch the sky turn and it start downpouring. We sat in the alley with a few other people, but after listening to two dudes hack over the weed they were smoking for the half hour we were stuck there, we decided to just go stand in the giant crowd waiting for Lolla to reopen the gates. When they did, it was awesome, awesome. I wore a maxi skirt with a black tank top, which was a WAY MUCH BETTER IDEA than Friday’s outfit. But then there were giant mud pits from the storm and the whole outfit is ruined, but no regrets, no regrets.
We saw only a few bands since the rain cleared out a lot of the acts. We jammed for the full set of Franz Ferdinand, which was actually one of the top 5, then Tallest Man on Earth, and RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS. They were so good it was ridiculous, but no one was better than….
But anyway, Sunday – Sigur Ros, J Cole, Florence + The Machine, and Jack White. I love Sigur Ros, especially because they’re so original. The band is from Iceland, so they’re lyrics range from native languages, English, and words they make up themselves. But they do everything so beautifully that even if it was in English you wouldn’t want to sing along and ruin it anyway. I made Quinn go to J Cole since she listens to ZERO rap, hip/hop, whatever. I dig J Cole, but honestly he was so bad live. Like, I get that it’ll sound different, but he was really arrogant and just BAD and the crowd was ridiculous. Watching 500 white, hipster kids try to dance to J Cole might have been worth walking into the crowd, though.
I wore olive colored shorts and a vneck, flowy black top. Hair in a knot, per usual Cait McKeon style. The last act of the weekend was Jack White and it was… I don’t even have words. I love Jack White, in my opinion he’s the most talented man that we’ve seen since.. Well, for a very, very long time. He was awesome.
Monday we cleaned up the loft and boarded our train at Union Station. Today has been such a bum day because I’m missing the feel of the city and the freedom it brought. I’m missing the closeness of the crowds and the feel of just being able to enjoy and jam to good music, for three straight days.
I’m here in East Lansing now at our apartment, which is not to my satisfaction, but it’ll be worked on. We moved in last Wednesday and found that the apartment we had signed on to was NOT in the condition in which it should have been. So, we’re waiting for our replacement furniture to arrive and our carpets and bathroom to be cleaned, then I’ll be pleased with what we’re living with. I had an interview today with a store I am absolutely in love with, and another interview on Thursday, so in my spare time I’ll be trying to spruce up this apartment to make it something of a home for us.
Until then, I’ll be jamming on my laptop to the “Under the Bridge” performance from Saturday night.


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