Justice – Not Just a Myth

(Originally posted July 20th, 2012)

What a sad heart I have this morning. Last night, after the last previews of one of the best movies I have ever seen ended, I was so excited to write my next blog post. I planned on giving little hints on the developments within the movie, talk about how incredible Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s acting was, and how powerful the last few scenes were to me. But, instead, this morning I sit here thinking all of that might be inappropriate, since I don’t feel the least bit lighthearted.
If you haven’t heard, there was a tragedy last night in Aurora, Colorado – a suburb of Denver. A man walked into Century 16 during the midnight showing of Batman: Dark Knight Rises, and set of smoke bombs. After his dramatic entrance, he then proceeded to open fire on the theater. The death toll right now is between 12 and 14, but I won’t report an exact number because I don’t want to give false details.
People ask: Why? Why would someone do something so horrific? Why would anyone want to take a life?
There’s never an answer. There’s never a reason. But today my heart goes out to those who have been affected by this, because I can not imagine the pain they’re going through.
What we need right now is the idea that Batman represents. As cheesy and dorky and lame as that sounds, I don’t think that this tragedy could have happened in a more ironic setting. We, all over the world, need the feeling that we can be protected. That there is someone out there who will fight for our well being, to make sure justice prevails.
It has to be us.
I live my life by the motto that if I want something done, I have to do it myself. If YOU want the world you live in to be safer, happier, YOU must be where it starts. Violence and hurt is a vicious cycle, to that I think we can all agree. If we treat people with decency from the very beginning, what reason would they ever have to feel like they must retaliate and hurt others? If we put down our guns and our hatred and stop promoting messages that we approve violence, we are being the starting point of justice. We are showing that we will not stand for what happened in Aurora, Colorado early this morning. We are showing that we are rising up out of the smoke and fire, and that we will come together to stop the violence from spreading.
To clear up what you’ve just read, I understand that mental illness plays into a lot of the violence we see. I know that it can’t always be controlled, helped, stopped. But if we just , for a second, helped someone, acted as a hero to them… Could we prevent something? Could we be that hidden help that they needed?
Go see the movie this weekend. It was extremely good. It especially showed that even we, the plain citizens of the world, can become something huge. We can make such a difference.
My heart is with those in Colorado. My friends who reside in Aurora are safe, and for that I thank God. Tell everyone today that you care about how much they mean to you. Let’s stop being afraid of our feelings and let others know that we are truly, truly there.


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