I’m Proud to say Go Green But…

(Originally posted December 9th, 2013)
But…. Let’s get real about what happened this weekend.
I go to a school where every single student, whether they enjoy sports or not, bleeds Green and has such pride for every aspect of their school. You could walk Michigan State University’s campus and talk to just about every student you pass and ask if, honestly, they enjoy attending State and I would not doubt that, if not EVERY SINGLE ONE but close, would say that they are Green and White to the core.
I know that I feel like that.
But, this weekend, we go to the the B1G Championship game. So many of us shelled out the $40 to drive down to Indianapolis to see our boys on the field showing the Buckeyes what football means to us. We’re inside Lucas Oil Stadium, feeling ‘some type of way’ about our players, Dantonio, MSU, and when we win the game and feel the excitement of going to the Rose Bowl we….
Burn household items? Flip over cars? Incite riots?
To me, that sounds less of a celebration and more of an action performed by those rebelling. What were we rebelling? Our beautiful win? Our outrageous time we had in Indy? Our feeling of knowing that we, as Spartans, are really all in this together, one big community?
Nope. We just want to set things on fire.
I’ll get a lot of flack for this from fellow Spartans. But, to be honest, I’m tired of forcing a laugh whenever someone brings up what happened Saturday night. I think how we acted as Spartans is disgusting. A true shame that we disgraced ourselves to a national level. We took the attention away from those football players, who have probably dreamed about this moment for years, and brought it to a pack of students who didn’t know how to just high five each other and talk about making plans to go to Pasadena.
Every time I get a text from a family member or friend asking me more about what happened Saturday, I don’t even want to respond. I’m so disappointed in our reaction to such a great moment in MSU history that i can’t admit that I live in the Cedar Village complex. I hate to admit that this isn’t the first time I’ve seen couches burning. I hate to say I know many, many students who joined that riot and who won’t ever think it was a poor choice. I mean, have fun and enjoy our win, but to deface property and ruin a fellow student’s car in the process is ridiculous. To know that the reaction in Indy was purely joy and happiness at our win and then to see the pictures of East Lansing was so… annoying. Upsetting. Purely stupid behavior.
I know my opinion is not popular. But I also don’t understand why it’s popular to engage in an activity like “Cedar Fest”, which many have obviously forgotten began because of a LOSS. Not a win, like we saw on Saturday. I saw a quote where a student said “It’s a tradition. It’s not like we’re a school of pyromaniacs.” ….. Oh? So, burning couches and trees, street signs, planks, anything you can find, is a tradition? In my time at MSU, I’ve seen probably 6 couches burning. Never for a significant reason. So, please elaborate more about the tradition behind an event that occurred once long before our generation reached MSU’s campus.
I still love my school and still have great pride in everything that I know MSU stands for, but I will not stand behind something like this. Tom Izzo, MSU’s basketball coach, gave an interview  – that I loved – explaining his distaste for what happened on Saturday.
I would love for our student body to watch this, a man close to everyone on this campus idolizes, and then try and explain why Saturday’s events were a good idea. Someone could have been killed. Someone could have been injured. That poor student could have been without a car if his friend didn’t help start a fundraiser for him to have his car fixed.
Spartans Will – that’s our motto. Let’s try to keep that untainted. I hate to hear from friends at other colleges how many jokes MSU has been made the butt of. If you want to go crazy, do what Auburn does. Go TP the trees. But keep the fire to a minimum.
x. (msu go green)


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