I truly love…

(Originally posted September 25th, 2013)
Unapologetic people. The way people take their sharp intakes of breath when an unapologetic person speaks is the rarest form of art to me. Maybe it’s because it is so rare that when I meet someone like this I can’t help but idolize them for their sincerity because that lacks so much here in the world.
Not that I appreciate rude people, because I truly don’t. But people like Amy Poehler and Kristin Wiig, even Chelsea Handler, make it so easy for our generation to provide an outpouring of confident women.
So many women, and men, are so obsessively conscious of their actions. How they speak, what they do, who they’re pleasing. And, I think, it must get so tiring that need to restrict yourself every moment. And I know, because I’m sure I do it, too.
Then I see these people, the unapologetics, who just know who they are. And you laugh at their jokes and blush and think, “They’re so brave, I could never get away with that!”… sure, why couldn’t you?
My roommates are probably the prime example of women, in a realistic setting, that fit in with these unapologetics. I thought I was a handful until I met them. Crude from Chelsea Handler doesn’t compare with these girls, humor alone could promise them anything, and if we’re talking about first impressions these girls impress before even opening their mouths. Unapologetic in every movement.
Because, truly, that’s what the quote above means. SIlly, yeah. Amy and Kristin and Chelsea and my roommates, they’re silly. But there’s more to it than cracking a joke or being a little bizarre – truly believing in yourself and in your ‘silliness’ is so incredibly powerful that by merely walking into a room, you can silence any negativity that you, your self conscious sub conscious, could have brought on.

You are the most powerful when you are you.
I love that.



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