(Originally posted June 11th, 2013)
Did you forget about me? Average height, horribly grown out brown hair and a penchant for sarcasm?

Well, hey, here I am. I’m sitting in a chair with some guy picking at my toenails while I contemplate what color I want him to slap on there while he speaks in another language to someone else and I know, I just KNOW, they know my last pedicure was when I turned 13. Also I don’t think he’s hysterically laughing at my random ticks and cries. When I tried to explain how ticklish I am he gave me one of those “I-Know-I’m-Supposed-To-Laugh-But-I-Want-To-Drown-You-In-Your-Own-Pedicure-Water” smiles. Which, you know, whatever. I get that.

So, my adventure has begun. And when I say adventure I really do mean that because this has become the experience I had never expected. (My legs are being massaged now and if I kick him I’m pretty sure I’ll be cut short) (ow this hurts a lot) I got down to the coast of somewhere beautiful around the seventh of May after my mother’s flight was delayed and I picked her up around midnight from the airport to begin our journey southward. My car is still packed and I can’t find half of my things and I’ve been here for a month, but if you’re surprised by this we must obviously not know each other. (Okay embarrassing I just kicked him in the crotch, this isn’t a joke, I’m blushing)
My first week here was dedicated to crafting my grandparents fiftieth anniversary surprise party, which went very well. I almost forgot that I was here to actually live and the process of finding a job didn’t worry me too much. But then, you know, money started dwindling and I had one of those panic attack moments of “Cait you’re about to be really seriously broke” and then I got my game face on.

I landed a job waitressing and met a group of really great people. Honestly, I’m not just saying that, they’re great. And then I snatched another job waitressing, by the beach, where I get to wear shorts. Can’t say it bothers me having a scenic view while I clean the marinara sauce from a table. But, anyway, that’s where I am.
Life has been good and I’ve been spending a lot of my free time with my little brothers. It’s funny how when I was younger you wouldn’t catch me dead spending time with them. But now, after being away and also probably my growth in maturity and age, I will literally take them to do just about anything they want. (I think he’s mad because I asked for some extra coats. Listen dude, no one asked you to sign up for this)

Okay wait this is to be continued, manicure time. (Don’t judge me)


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