(Originally posted July 1st, 2013)
It’s real. It’s actually not really a big surprise. But I’m coming back to State, for good. Okay well not “coming back”. I’m not leaving.
Trying to decide which college to transfer to has been really, really difficult. When I first came to the south, I had my sights set on Ole Miss. I love the campus, their love of football, the classiness of the university, but… the dorms are coed. I’m not Greek. I’m classy in the way that I can do an Irish Car Bomb and not spit it back up. I also wear J. Crew.
So… I started thinking maybe I should look into other schools. Mississippi State seemed cool, up there in Starkville where I’ve never been. But I’ve never thought about going there, so why would I now?
Where did that leave me? Community college? LSU? Leave the country and never return?
Ughhhhh. No.
Time to get real. I’m coming back to EL.
Now, listen, I’m sure you’re all just like okay, whatever Cait, we all knew you weren’t going to really leave. But I was. It just happened that I started thinking how it would feel to walk across that stage in two years (okay maybe three…. four) and not have my friends by my side. How would I end my college career without them?
How was I going to deal with missing out on tailgating with them? With my family? My favorite uncles? You know who you are.
I kept thinking about birthdays. Like, Rheanne’s 21st in October (okay have to fly up for that… $400). And Erica’s birthday in January (fly up for that… $400 and an extra $100 because somehow I’ll pay for Erica’s drinks). And then, you know, I’m thinking about the Red Cedar and the trees and that time we lived in Hubbard and remembering how close we are to Chicago and lakes and Zoe turns 21 in December and I miss Quinn and everything just made me want to come home.
I think sometimes, when we’re confused on what the next step should be, we need to take a moment to reevaluate. This summer with my family on the coast has been more than therapeautic and I feel revived.
So, I’m wearing green. I am a real, not moving, Spartan. I need to register for classes. Erica’s going to be so happy when she finally reads this.
I’m ready. In a couple weeks I’ll be heading back to the college I don’t think I could’ve ever left, not really. And I have a balcony. Hell ya.


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