Far Better Things Ahead

(Originally posted January 12th, 2014)
I think there are far better things ahead, but I’m not sure if I agree that they’re all better than what we leave behind.
2014 is going to be an exciting year with so many new chances to take, memories to create, more dumb, youthful decisions I’m sure will be made. But, as I look back on 2013, it’s not with a heavy heart. 2013 was an extremely difficult year where my best was not anywhere near what ‘best’ should be but… I survived. I learned. I made decisions that changed my life, my ideas of the world, my philosophies on being a college student.
Last year I packed up everything I owned and left for the south, determined to not come back. I jumped in the Red Cedar. I ate ungodly amounts of popcorn. I took chances. I lost some friends, gained some. I listened to probably way too much Florida Georgia Line. My grades were sub par. I let little things bother me too much. I decided to quit all my jobs and become a nanny. I decided to stay in the arctic that is Michigan. I made lots of up and down decisions. That was 2013, so now…
For this new year, I want to right the wrongs that I was so adamant about in the previous year. I want to better myself. I want to realize my potential and succumb to the desire to reach it. I want to be a better person for those around me, for myself.
So, everyone makes new year resolutions. Right? I’ll go to the gym, I’ll stop procrastinating, I’ll remember to pay my bills on time, I’ll stop drinking.
But I think, for a year as potentially demanding as any year has been yet with school and work and the potential of having a social life, the resolutions shouldn’t be just a “resolution” but a resolve to finally be real with ourselves. To stop brushing things under the rug and deal with them head on before another year passes by and we wish we had listened to the promises we made the year past.
This year, I promise, I really promise – to every single thing in life that you ever wanted to change, improve, apologize to. Remember those moments and promise to them this year will be a vast, dramatic improvement. Because you owe it to those good and bad memories, because they’ve made you what you are in this new beginning.
This year:

  • I’ll drink more water
  • I’ll stop listening when opinions can harm, not hurt
  • I’ll remember to call my family more
  • I’ll remember to call my friends more
  • I’ll apologize
  • I’ll stop being hard headed
  • I’ll go to the gym (I’m being serious!)
  • I’ll do more things that I’ve wanted to do instead of acting like they’re impossible
  • I’ll be more open to ideas
  • I’ll be more me than I’ve ever been
  • I’ll remember how much I like country and I won’t deny that all I want to do is have a beer and listen to Alan Jackson when people ask what my idea is of fun
  • I’ll try and work more on what fun means to me
  • I’ll stop swearing….. as much
  • I’ll get in my car and drive anywhere I want on any given weekend because I can and a vacation every now and again is beneficial
  • I’ll think from other’s perspective
  • I’ll speak up when I’m not okay with something, rather than letting it slide
  • I’ll stick up for myself
  • I’ll remember to say I love you
  • I’ll remember that you can’t always say sorry and have that be that – sometimes you need to work harder.
  • I’ll realize when things are a lost cause
  • I’ll be more understanding, less impatient, more appreciative, less closed off
  • I’ll eat chocolate because I love it
  • I will not attempt to go running because I will not have that. I will just not have that.
  • I’ll stop setting stupid, ridiculous goals that I’ll never achieve and instead appreciate what I did accomplish
  • I’ll write more
  • I’ll sing Erica more of my infamous songs I make up for her
  • I’ll appreciate my roommates and friends more
  • I’ll stop saying no when I’m afraid
  • I’ll make better grades
  • I’ll take all the opportunities that I can, because why not try?
  • I’ll stop being afraid of math and econ and statistics and biology
  • I’ll still be afraid of spiders
  • I’ll stop resisting the urge to say what I want, especially when I know it really matters – it’s worth it

So there’s what I’m proposing. It’s nothing hard to accomplish, but it will be an effort. I think it’s exciting, though, to venture out as a person with a new mindset. It’ll be amazing what little changes can do for a whole year. Looking forward to it.


Your Thoughts?

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